Elders Should Start Weight Training?

Senior citizens may need to add strength and resistance training to their daily regime, according to Knowridge.

A new study from the University of Stirling advised that researchers found resistance training in elderly adults to have significant effects on their functional capacity and strength. Physical activity has been noted to improve functional health but not until recently has resistance training been added as a multidimensional health benefit.

During the study, 11 care home seniors, 65 years or older, were focused on for six months. The elders completed a six-week program consisting of resistance training on specialized exercise machines for 30-40 minutes, three times per week. Throughout the course, the team found improvements in the seniors’ walking speed, functional capacity, and physical confidence. Researchers believe that strength/resistance training can tackle the negative aspects of frailty and disability.

So if you’re a trainer or avid gym-goer, consider investing some time to train your grandparents. It can only help.

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Photo Credit: KP Washington Research

This exercise can reduce frailty in older people. Knowridge. (2021, October 20). Retrieved October 20, 2021, from https://knowridge.com/2021/10/this-exercise-can-reduce-frailty-in-older-people/. 


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  1. Actually they should have started years ago but now is also a great time.

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