Egypt’s COVID-19 Robot

To limit the spread of the coronavirus in Tanta, Egypt, Mechatronics engineer Mahmoud el-Koumi has created a remote-controlled robot that will assist physicians in testing patients for the virus.

Named Cira-03, by way of Africa News, this robot has a human-like face and head, and it carries out a variety of medical procedures: it takes blood samples and checks temperatures, it performs echocardiograms and x-rays, and it displays the patient results onscreen. The Cira-03 also performs pain-free PCR swab tests.

Creator Mahmoud el-Koumi stated the following:

“Before starting its mission, the robot receives training to improve its AI. The training is done by a specialist doctor, the AI in this training acts like a human doctor.”

“This robot is specially designed to help the medical staff during Covid-19 times. It is a medical robot capable of multi-tasks, it can deal with patients in their beds, chest scans, fever screening, and face mask detection.”

Today, Egypt has confirmed 196,061 cases with 150,424 recoveries.

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Photo Credit: The Economic Times

Asala, K. (2021, March 23). Egypt’s COVID-19 robot hospital assistant might just save lives. Retrieved April 04, 2021, from


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