Egypt’s COVID-19 Robot

To limit the spread of the coronavirus in Tanta, Egypt, Mechatronics engineer Mahmoud el-Koumi has created a remote-controlled robot that will assist physicians in testing patients for the virus. Named Cira-03, by way of Africa News, this robot has a human-like face and head, and it carries out a variety of medical procedures: it takes…

2045 Initiative: Making Humans Immortal?

I’ve been a fan of science fiction for quite some time. Recent films like Transcendence and Replicas kept me “edutained” and intrigued about science and technology. But there is a project in the works that’s turning fiction into a reality, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. 2045 Initiative Founded by Russian Entrepreneur…

The Facebook “Hate Memes” Challenge

This crybaby, milquetoast culture that came with the new millennium is driving me crazy. And a current news article shows why. The following information comes from the National File. Facebook recently launched the “Hateful Memes Challenge,” where a $100,000 prize will be offered to anyone who can develop artificial intelligence to detect hate speech memes….

Artificial Intelligence Headed to the Lab

Greetings Everyone, I came across some interesting but not surprising news earlier and had to share. The following information is from¬† To remove the need for human supervision in laboratories, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied to a new SPM operation. The new system is called DeepSPM, and it will bridge the gap between…

Are We Ready For Artificial Intelligence?

You’ve seen the movies, read the articles, and have probably watched a few documentaries on artificial intelligence. But are we ready for a world that operates from a computer? I thought about this after watching a clip from The Wall Street Journal¬†discussing a growing number of classrooms in China that are being equipped with AI….