My Daddy Taught Me That

Greetings All,

I came across an amazing organization this morning that I had to spotlight on this blog.

My Daddy Taught Me That

Based in Asheville, NC, My Daddy Taught Me That is a non-profit organization that provides mentorship programs for middle and high school Black boys. Founded by Keynon Lake, a former social worker, author, and Asheville native, MDTMT’s focus is on helping young men transition from adolescence to adulthood by way of good decision-making, accepting responsibility, and taking accountability for their actions. It’s facilitated through educational group sessions, hands-on activities, and an introduction to innovative and unique events. And their ultimate goal is to help young Black males become positive, productive men in their community.

In recent news, Spectrum News 1 advised that My Daddy Taught Me That has been going door-to-door with community leaders to spread awareness about gun violence. Founder Keynon Lake, who often brings his 5-year-old daughter on the walks, wants to push the importance of keeping young kids away from guns.

“This is my community. These are my neighbors. These are my people.”

“So, if I can’t get out here and do it, who will?”

For more information on My Daddy Taught Me That, check out their official website. You can also stay connected with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Photo Credit: Facebook

Video Source: Spectrum News 1

Inez, S. (2021, April 01). Creating a Brighter Future For Asheville’s Black Youth. Retrieved April 03, 2021, from


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