Cameroon’s Fight Against Violence on Women and Girls

The abuse of African women has been highlighted previously on this blog, and there are organizations that are doing something about it.

According to Africa News, the Association for the Fight Against Violence on Women and Girls is helping victims of rape and forced marriage in Maroua, Cameroon. They take in women and girls, some as young as 11 years old, and assist with their healing process, help them get their cases to court, and provide them with training to become independent.

One victim is Zara Oumar, who was held hostage and abused by Book Haram for four years. She has two sons who are the product of rape by militants.

Here’s her story:

“They told my dad they want to pick me up and take me and threatened they would kill us all including him. When my father accepted, they also took other girls in the village by force and that’s how we ended up in this bush in which I didn’t know anyone.”

“When I tried to escape they held me and beat me. The person I was a slave to abused me and I got pregnant, I only ate herbs to survive, even bathing was almost impossible at times.”

“I could never tell my children that they are the fruit of Boko Haram members.”

Zara is now safely in Cameroon after escaping by bribing a child soldier.

I have much respect for this organization and the work that they’re doing. I’ll keep you all posted on any others that I find.

For more information on the fight against violence inflicted on women and girls in Cameroon, click here.

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Photo Credit: European Commission

Seeking justice for Boko Haram’s victims of rape in Cameroon. (2021, April 05). Retrieved April 06, 2021, from


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