400 Chinese To Leave Kenya?

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I saw some prophetic news stories earlier and had to share my findings with you all. The following information comes from All Africa and Capital News.

It’s been reported that 400 Chinese nationals are leaving Nairobi, Kenya, over fears of the coronavirus. They’ve argued that Kenya’s healthcare system can’t handle huge infection numbers in the event of another outbreak. Many have stated that China has better treatment and that Kenya doesn’t have enough health facilities or equipment. Their lawyer, Mr. Isaac Okinyo, advised the following:

“They have underlying conditions and others just don’t feel safe here. All the isolation centres are full, testing and contact tracing is a big deal to the Kenyan government. Let them just go back home as they so wish.”

Along with Kenya’s confirmed 3,305 cases and 96 deaths from COVID-19, the social climate is also making it hard for many nationals. A Chinese woman allegedly preparing to travel back home stated the following:

“The other day, I went to a supermarket and people were literally running away from me. In most hospitals, even if you are just going for a normal check-up, they insist that all Chinese residents be tested for Covid-19.”

“I am not sure whether I will come back. Time will tell.”

An updated report, however, has denied claims that Chinese nationals are leaving because of the coronavirus. Embassy Spokesperson Xueqing Huang confirmed that the Ambassador, Wu Peng, will be returning to China after completing his tenure in Kenya, but it has nothing to with the pandemic. She’s advised the following:

“That newspaper report is fabricated. There is nothing like that. There is no passenger flight to China this week.”

“China and Kenya maintained sound cooperation and mutual assistance in the fight against COVID-19.”

Given the treatment of Africans in Guangzhou and the blatant disrespect from the Chinese on the continent, if the reports of an exile are true, then I say, “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

To check out the full articles, click here and here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Theodore Robbins says:

    Bye, the way they treated Africans in China let them go.

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    1. That’s how I feel, Unc.

      Go home!


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