What is Propertarianism?

As stated in a previous post, social media is a hub for political commentary. I’ve learned so much from content creators online that my resentment for not majoring in political science is almost null and void. One political analyst who’s kept my attention has been John Mark. He’s introduced me to a relatively new form of governance that I had to share with you all, Propertarianism.

Originated by Curt Doolittle, propertarianism is a scientific, rational, empirical approach to understanding and analyzing human behavior, incentives, norms, institutions, cooperation, and conflict. It’s scientific governance that enforces reciprocity in all interactions. By enforcing reciprocity, it will cut out government corruption, parasitism (theft), retaliation cycles, and civilizational decline and increases high trust/Econ velocity, fulfilled potential, quality of life, and civilizational advancement. In propertarian law, enforcing reciprocity will mean that everyone is personally liable for their words and actions.

I want to share a few videos from John Mark that goes into more detail about propertarianism. For additional information, check out The Propertarian Institute’s official website. If you’d like to discuss, feel free to comment below.

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Doolittle, C. (2018, March 29). A Brief Introduction to Propertarianism. Retrieved February 9, 2020, from https://propertarianism.com/2018/03/29/propertarianism-core-concepts-by-eli-harman/


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