How to Reset America

In a previous post, I highlighted a new political ideology known as Propertarianism. Well, John Mark recently provided 9 changes that could improve the political system in America using this form of governance. In his YouTube video, he addressed the following:

  1. Separating the Red areas from the Blue areas
  2. Ending the Fed and Replacing it with the Treasury
  3. Returning most of the Federal Power to the States
  4. Major System Upgrades
  5. Law Upgrade: Scientific clarity about what to punish
  6. Law Upgrade: Give legal power to the people to keep the powerful accountable
  7. Ending Fake News
  8. Holding the Elites Accountable for their Crimes
  9. Ending Globalism and Mass Immigration

Mark describes this list as scientific governance. Although his channel does target right-wing conservatives, his breakdown will appeal to everyone in the country.

If you’d like to discuss any of the following content, feel free to comment below.

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