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I came across a story today, by way of WDAM, and I had to share it with you guys.

Meet Ozell White.

White is a 5th generation farmer from Prentiss, Mississippi, who grows vegetables, watermelons, and raises cattle—the main crop being watermelons. He won a Small Farmer of The Year Award in 2014 from Alcorn State University, and his ultimate goal is to provide surrounding areas with fresh produce and meat without all of the excess chemicals. He’s also a pastor who has preached in his community for more than 25 years.

White along with other Mississippi farmers are competing in a yearly grant program from Pro-Act, the California-based national produce distributor. They’ve advised that after this contest they will have “invested $200,000 in local farms from coast to coast.” White’s goal, if he wins, is to buy transportation and build a shed for processing watermelons and vegetables.

Any farmer who’s invested in growing clean food for their consumers get’s my utmost respect. If you’d like to vote and support Mr. White’s cause, click here.

Let’s make this a reality for him and his family!

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