Words From The Wise: Dr. Joy DeGruy

“We’re looking at 246 years of American chattel slavery, and it’s very comfortable. And I think, to some degree, people can say, ‘you can’t have 246 years of trauma and expect that nothing happened’; especially when that trauma was followed by more trauma; especially given the fact that there was never a point of healing. Not difficult to do the math here, this is not deep and philosophical. It really makes sense. But you know what else is true? You can’t have 246 years of folks engaged in a traumatic experience that were white that went unaffected. That means everybody has been affected and infected by this thing.”

Dr. Joy DeGruy


Greetings Folks,

I wanted to share a lecture from a scholar whose work I have been a fan of ever since reading her book, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing. She’s been my go-to when it comes to understanding the psychosis of my community and our behavior that society tends to label as our culture. In a previous post, I discussed how important our journey towards mental emancipation will be and hopefully, the following video will help many understand what happened to us and why we are the way that we are.

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