Black Men: Heal Your Wounds, Train, and Raise Your Sons To Be Winners


It’s time for us to take our spot back. We’ve been beaten down, our communities have suffered, and our reputation has been tarnished long enough. Currently, there’s an energy in the air (most likely our ancestors) that’s leading us in the right direction. But to get there, there are some things that we need to do.

Heal Our Wounds


The trauma that Black men have faced, historically as a collective and on an individual basis, tends to go unnoticed due to gender dynamics—Men need to be strong, so complaining about problems that lead to self-hatred, low self-esteem, an inferiority complex, and anger issues is out of the question. But this can no longer happen, brothers. We’re going to have to heal ourselves from our childhood and adulthood traumas in order to progress as men and thrive as a community. Everything from abuse (physical, sexual, mental, and emotional) to abandonment to societal scars has to be addressed.

Here are a few ways to that healing process:

  1. Therapy: Dr. Joy Degruy discusses how the Black race suffers from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome in her book and lectures, but my community still looks at therapy as a taboo subject. Live Strong advises that’s it’s highly encouraged to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and other phobias before they take over your life. And for many of us Black men, we let those issues silently eat away at us; which has to stop.
  2. Support Groups: I’m a huge supporter of those who separate themselves from toxic people and environments in order to heal. Everyone deserves to have peace, and I believe forming spaces with like-minded individuals, who are on the same frequency, can help expedite the process. Besides, our communities need to be repaired. So setting up small coalitions and expanding on them can only benefit us as a collective.
  3. Study History: My pride for my African ancestry, genetics, and melanin skyrocketed once I became an avid student of my history. Brothers, build up your libraries, watch documentaries, visit museums, and check out African-centered events. It’s only going to help you.
    • Oh, and turn off Western Media. That’s going to be another topic for another day.



After you’ve begun healing yourself from past or present traumas, start training. Yes, that warrior spirit will have to resurface because the current condition of our race is dependent on it. This means we’re going to have to get in shape, learn a martial art, and gain knowledge on tactical defense. Because we have to protect our communities.

I’m not someone who uses belief systems and “positive vibes” to mask certain realities, that’s what cartoons are for. The world we live in is very competitive, savage, and unapologetic. If we as Black men continue to submit to other groups and put more energy into harmonizing with others instead of building and protecting our own spaces, we’ll never be respected. And respect is something that our actions will have to demand.

Raise Our Sons To Be Winners


One thing I feel doesn’t get enough attention in our community is the condition of the next generation. We tend to have a lot of complaints about our youth’s behavior, where we went wrong, or what our parents did. But there’s never enough focus put on preparing for the group before they get here. And when it comes to our sons, it’s evident.

Brothers, not only are we going to have to be more responsible when it comes to pre-planning for our children, but we’re also going to have to rear them for the reality of this world and stop trying to hide it; especially our sons. Our boys need to know that they don’t have the same safety net or privileges as others, but they are strong enough to push through. They will be the next men of the race, so they’re innately responsible for the progression of our group. That means, once they become men, they will have to compete with other groups of men for resources, and their goal should always be to win.

Our community is in desperate need of a resurgence of unapologetic Black Manhood and Leadership. I know that may be problematic to say in this backward liberal society, but the facts are the facts. No one is going to fix our problems, heal our wounds, build up our neighborhoods, or bring us together except for us. So let’s get to it, brothers.

That’s if you want the throne back.

Until Next Time…


Brafman, B. (2018, March 26). 5 Ways Everyone Can Benefit from Seeing a Therapist. Retrieved August 4, 2019, from

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