Madagascar’s President Changes His Tune About COVID-19 Vaccines?

Madagascar’s COVID-19 tonic, “COVID-Organics” (CVO), has been highlighted several times throughout this blog. This herbal remedy has received international criticism from the World Health Organization, who’s encouraged the country to roll out vaccines instead of using a plant-infused mixture.

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina previously argued that he doesn’t plan on vaccinating himself or his citizens, and he prefers to use COVID-Organics.

“Personally I have not yet been vaccinated and I do not have any intention of getting vaccinated.”

Well, an update by way of Africa News advised that President Rajoelina recently changed his mind. The President and members of Madagascar’s National Academy of Medicine have decided that the nation should officially join the WHO-led COVAX programme to provide COVID-19 vaccines to their citizens. However, the decision will not stop the distribution of COVID-Organics.

Madagascar is one of the last countries on the African continent to launch a vaccination campaign.

I’m not sure what persuaded President Rajoelina to go this route, but at least his herbal tonic will continue to be used.

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Photo Credit: Daily Maverick

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