African Workers Stranded in Lebanon

In a previous post, Ghanaian domestic workers who evacuated from Lebanon were highlighted. Well, other African migrants, including Gambian and Ethiopian, are still stranded in the country.

The following information comes from The Times of Israel.

Thousands of foreign workers—domestic workers, supermarket, and restaurant employees—are currently stranded in Beirut, Lebanon. Dollar shortages, the coronavirus pandemic, and the blast of Beirut’s port that killed 181 people are the main culprits. Many workers feel that they have been sidelined by aid efforts who put the needs of Lebanese citizens first, and they want out.

“I love Lebanon, but I don’t want to live here anymore. There’s no more work. How will I eat?”

“Once, a truck came to distribute food boxes, but they said: ‘Only give them to the Lebanese.'”

“I wish Lebanon could go back to how it was before.”

Thousands of migrant workers are toiling the streets of Lebanon for cash. The sponsorship system that they enter the country under, “Kafala,” has been accused of enabling abuse towards foreign migrants. But many of them can’t terminate their contracts without their employers’ permission, or they will lose legal immigration status, which leaves them stuck.

I know it may be imprudent to keep asking, but what’s going on in African countries that causes this influx of mass migration? Because the abuse of African people at the hands of others is never-ending, so why leave your homeland?

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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