Reactionaries vs. Revolutionaries

“Black Love is a revolutionary act.”

That quote has been used by African-centered scholars like Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Dr. Amos Wilson for some time, but I didn’t grasp its true meaning until I started looking at the plight of African people through a political lens. Many of our discussions surrounding Black Empowerment involve government, economics, sovereignty, etc. But the seed that needs to be planted, protected, and flourished before any nation-building takes place is the relationship between Black men and Black women.

Due to our traumatic history, media propaganda, and subjugation, our union has been affected, particularly here in the West. Many Black men and women openly reject each other, the notion of building a family, as well as communal uplift. We’ll choose individualism over the collective because it’s easier and requires little-to-no accountability, and we’ll believe that we can still thrive as a unit even if we replace our other half. But it never works.

As some of you have noticed, I endorse Black Love quite heavily on this blog. That’s because organizing my community will only happen if there is an overwhelming amount of men and women in healthy relationships. But healing and an in-depth understanding of our situation have to occur first. So I want to share a profound discussion that I came across earlier today.

Brother Omowale Afrika and Irene Yvette address the gender war between Black men and women by touching on integration, the breaking up of the Black family, feminism, Pan-Africanism, African culture, and more. Bro. Omowale highlights the difference between Reactionaries and Revolutionaries when it pertains to Black Love, and he was spot on.

This is another notch on a continued journey, so be on the lookout for much more in the future.

Until Next Time…


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