Kevin Samuels is NOT the Enemy

I tend to ignore the sensationalized content that floats around the internet, which is why my opinion on Kevin Samuels has been minimal. But after watching a number of his YouTube videos, I now understand why he’s getting so much attention. He speaks the truth.

Kevin Samuels, who some are referring to as “Uncle Kev,” speaks the barbershop truth that many Black men will only acknowledge in those spaces. Those private conversations that we have with our boys, fathers, sons, and random brothers at the bar are on display. They’re unapologetic and a little harsh but still needed. Because many within my community have developed an ego that needs to be checked.

The social engineering from Western media has aided in the destruction of Black relationships and families. Samuel’s platform, whether folks want to acknowledge it or not, has the ability to correct it. Because he calls out the misbehavior of both Black men and women, and he doesn’t apologize for it. This leaves a percentage of his viewers offended but, at the same time, wanting more.

Regardless of the smear campaign that I’m sure he’s going to continue to receive, Kevin Samuels is very much an advocate for restoring the Black nuclear family in America. And if you’ve been following this blog, you know that our family structure is the anchor point to any progression in our community.

So, suppress your emotions, use discernment, and listen to what he’s saying. He’s not the enemy.

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