Words From The Wise: Ousman Touray

“Youth are not motivated to stay in the continent. They are not given that good atmosphere, that good environment, for them to realize their own potentials within the continent.” – Ousman Touray In a previous post, I highlighted the rising population in Africa. By the year 2100, Africa is predicted to account for 40% of…

Outwork the Chart!

“I believe that when I’m all said and done with, my whole job is to outwork the chart.” – David Goggins Until Next Time… (Sources) Photo Credit: Men’s Health

Show Your Work!

“Men are judged upon our work and our output.” – Kevin Samuels Until Next Time… (Sources) Photo Credit: By Kevin Samuels

Do Not Fear Failure

“Do not fear failure, but please be terrified of regret.” – Deshauna Barber Until Next Time… (Sources) Photo Credit: The Undefeated

Motivation is Crap!

“Motivation is crap because it only lasts for so long.” – David Goggins Until Next Time… (Source) Photo Credit: Trail Runner Magazine

Words From The Wise: President Uhuru Kenyatta

“Indeed, I’ve noticed in the conversations in Western countries and their counterparts in Asia and the Middle East a return to competition over Africa. In some cases weaponizing divisions, pursuing proxy actions, and behaving like Africa is for the taking. Well, I want to tell you it is not!” – President Uhuru Kenyatta 2nacheki TV…

The Kevin Samuels Video: A Woman’s Perspective

The discussions surrounding the Kevin Samuels consultation seem to be non-stop, and I came across a response video from Averi Woodley that was balanced and refreshing. If you’d like to discuss any of the following content, feel free to comment below. Until Next Time…

Fall Forward

“If you don’t fail, you’re not even trying.” – Denzel Washington   Until Next Time…

Masculine Leadership

“If you don’t take command of your life, you will be a player in someone else’s. Someone else that is more willing to impose his will on the world will make you a pawn in their life.” – Robert Mac Until Next Time…

Play Your Position

“Revolutionaries are not necessarily born poor or in the ghetto. There is a role for every person in revolution if he is a revolutionary. You don’t have to throw a Molotov cocktail to be a revolutionary.” – Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin formerly known as H. Rap Brown   In recent years, Black Empowerment has not only…