Book Review

Greetings Everyone,

I just finished reading Greatness Is Upon You: Laying The Foundation, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Personal responsibility is having the courage under a myriad of circumstances to be accountable for oneself.


Written by Eric Thomas, Ph.D., Greatness Is Upon You: Laying The Foundation provides 24 lessons designed to help you move from where you are personally or professionally to a higher level of performance. This book contains fundamental principles that’ll help you develop character and maximize your full potential.

I’m usually not one to gravitate towards self-help gurus, but Dr. Thomas’s no-nonsense approach to tackling life’s obstacles has kept my attention. He speaks directly to your inhibitions/insecurities and forces you to look at them straight up and down. There’s a reason why he’s a world-renowned public speaker, his messages are universal and much-needed, especially in today’s climate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I want to leave you with some pointers from each chapter. Be sure to check out Dr. Thomas’s official website. You can also stay connected with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  1. Reputation vs. Character
    • Whenever faced with a personal attack, let your character do the talking.
    • Becoming great requires an understanding that character is paramount to your success because, unlike reputation, character is consistent.
  2.  Getting Caught vs. Confession
    • When you place such a high value on reputation, you create opportunities for you to compromise your integrity and, in turn, damage your character.
    • Character development requires honesty with yourself and others.
  3. Victim vs. Victor
    • Don’t waste time blaming others, rehashing past events, and soliciting unwarranted sympathy.
    • Being a victor isn’t always about winning. It’s about conquering the temptation to believe that you aren’t where you want to be because of what others did to you.
  4. Negative Thinking vs. Positive Thinking
    • The way that we think has a significant impact on the results we get out of life.
    • Negative thinking is a major component of a victim’s mentality and ultimately makes it difficult for you to strengthen your character.
  5. Grasshopper vs. Ant
    • There’s no such thing as procrastination, the issue is priority.
    • Certain opportunities have an expiration date, so jump on them when given the chance.
  6. Minimize vs. Optimize
    • Optimize your time.
    • If you start it, finish it.

Until Next Time…

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