Words From The Wise: Ousman Touray

“Youth are not motivated to stay in the continent. They are not given that good atmosphere, that good environment, for them to realize their own potentials within the continent.”

– Ousman Touray

In a previous post, I highlighted the rising population in Africa. By the year 2100, Africa is predicted to account for 40% of the global population and overtake Asia’s 60% by 2060. African youth, 24 years of age and younger, currently make up half of Africa’s population. And what’s so encouraging is that many of them are influencing a Pan-Africanist mindset that will change the trajectory of the continent, particularly youth leader Ousman Touray.

Ousman Touray is a Pan-Africanist and Ambassador of the University of The Gambia. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies at the University of The Gambia and completed a mentorship program in Rwanda, receiving a post-graduate scholarship on public policies. His work across the continent includes advocating for Pan-Africanism and socio-economic development.

I want to share a round table talk where Touray discusses unity, Africa’s agenda, and the need for Africans to invest in Africa.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Meet Ousman Touray: Ambassador of the University of The Gambia. UTG Knowledge, Truth & Development. (2020, November 4). https://www.utg.edu.gm/ambassador-of-utg/. 


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  1. I would like to live in Johannesburg, I hear it is nice! That round table would be fire!!! Keep up the good work.

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    1. Go for it, bro. There’s a percentage of African Americans repatriating to the continent.

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