Play Your Position

“Revolutionaries are not necessarily born poor or in the ghetto. There is a role for every person in revolution if he is a revolutionary. You don’t have to throw a Molotov cocktail to be a revolutionary.”

– Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin formerly known as H. Rap Brown


In recent years, Black Empowerment has not only accelerated but morphed into a global movement, and I love it. African people are beginning to unapologetically pride themselves in their history, culture, and aesthetics. But there is a misconception about activism that I want to address, particularly the criticism from those who like to compare their work to others.

Many within my community have a very myopic way of thinking when it comes to community activism. Finding your role—whether it’s in politics, business, social work, medicine, law enforcement, health & fitness, agriculture, fashion, media, culinary, the arts, etc.—and applying it to the collective cause is community activism. Everyone doesn’t have an interest in creating a 501(c)(3) organization, managing a group of people, or aspiring to be the next savior. But that doesn’t mean that their work has no relevance.

Obtaining sovereignty will require a multifaceted approach. This means that we will need individuals and groups of people in different areas of expertise. For example, if your interest and skill set is in farming, work there. But if you try to start a youth mentorship program, with no interest or background in it, your work will just end up being time-consuming and uninspiring.

I’m not saying that there won’t be any crossovers in our perspective fields, but all of us have different roles. And many times, our personalities are tied to them. So find your lane, stay there, and don’t worry about others. Because we’re all on the same team and in this fight together, we just have different positions.

Until Next Time…

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