Togolese Inventor Builds Car Out of Recyclables

In a previous post, I highlighted a group of students from the Democratic Republic of Congo who built a vehicle using waste material. Well, there’s a similar story coming out of West Africa.

According to Africa News, Sourou-Edjareyo Malazouwe, a 25-year-old self-taught engineer, constructed a 4×4 car using mostly recycled materials. He started this project about a year ago in his workshop in Lomé, Togo. And upon completion, he named the car “RAF-X Raptor,” a play on his nickname, Raouf.

“I finished secondary school in 2016 and after that, I started my own business, selling and repairing mobile phones and computers. It’s because of that that I could afford to build this car.”

“I used a lot of recycled parts. I paid for a few new ones. In this box you can see parts from Titan buses, from motorcycles, from cars, it depends. I get the parts from everywhere which is how I manage.”

Malazouwe is being referred to as the pride of Togo, so much so that he’s received several orders for a car.

Togo’s Prime Minister, Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé Dogbé, also sang her praises and tweeted that she was amazed and charmed by his genius.

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Photo Credit: CDN Canada

Young Togolese inventor makes a homemade 4-wheel drive. Africa News. (2022, September 30). Retrieved October 4, 2022, from 


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