Students in the DRC Build a Car Using Waste Material

Twelve students at the Institute of Technology and Industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo have built a vehicle using waste material. Built with scrap metal, the car runs off a diesel engine, has a canister that serves as a fuel tank, and uses 1l of oil for 7km allowing the car fuel consumption to meet international standards. The project took two years to complete, and the name for the car is Max Mad, since it’s shaped like the safari model of a Land Rover.

The students had to overcome material and financial setbacks to make this a reality, so this project is a great source of pride for the group and their teacher.

Student Samuel Ntamwenge stated the following:

“When are project was completed we saw the joy of the inhabitants of the city and suddenly everyone was interested in our project.

They promoted it on social media which proves their intention, but we need funding. They may have intention but without funding it remains insufficient. As time passes, we are sure investors will come.”

The teacher, Crispin Muyalalo, continued with the following:

“Since we used some discarded elements, we cannot give in detail the sum of money we invested in this project but it cost us around 2500 $.

Thanks to the car we built, we would for the world and the Democratic Republic of Congo to know that there are talents in the DRC and that the young people that we supervise are able to make great things. They started discarded elements and were able to turn them into something visible.”

Salute to all of those students.

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Photo Credit: Africa News

Mpoyo, G. (2022, May 22). Eastern DRC students build car using waste material. Africa News. Retrieved June 20, 2022, from 


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