China is Interested in South Africa’s Donkeys?

Chinese poachers are on the hunt for South African donkeys.

According to Africa News, China’s demand for traditional medicines has aided in the decline of South Africa’s donkey population. The produce and skin extracted from donkeys have become big business; produce can be sold for $360 per kilogram in China.

The Co-owner of Donkey Dairy, Jesse Christelis, advised the following:

“In South Africa we have seen a rapid decline of the donkey population due to illegal slaughter to supply the Chinese skin trade. It is believed that in China, if you eat the donkey skin, that’s boiled in a certain way, it has certain health benefits, very similar to what they believe, health benefits that are found in rhino horn.”

The health benefits of donkeys and rhino horns have been compared, and it’s been found that certain parts of a donkey can act as blood thinners and aphrodisiacs. This high demand has increased donkey auction prices from $30 to $125.

10,500 donkey hides are legally exported to China every year. But now that smugglers have tapped into the trade, that number is expected to rise.

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Photo Credit: BBC

Oyinloye, A. (2022, July 26). Donkeys are South Africa’s latest hot export to China. Africa News. Retrieved July 27, 2022, from 


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