A Fox Raised as a Dog Terrorizes Neighbors

A family in Peru are shocked to find out their eight-month-old pet dog is really a fox.

According to the Daily Mail, the family purchased the animal in Lima, Peru, whom they believed was a Siberian Husky. It turned out that the animal breeder sold them an Andean fox. Named “Run Run,” the fox cub was raised as a dog until the family began to notice its increasingly aggressive behavior and strong feces/urine odor. That’s when the father made the discovery.

On May 24th, the fox escaped its home and roamed the neighborhood, wreaking havoc on the neighborhood pets.

Let me not put it so lightly, Run Run made the neighbors’ chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs a meal.

“Sometimes, it eats four or five guinea pigs and I have to pay for them.”

“We had thought he was a purebred puppy.”

Local authorities have been contacted and asked to take the fox to the Huachipa Zoo.

A veteran and wildlife specialist at the National Zoo and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), Walter Silva, advised that animal traffickers from Amazonian areas are known to capture wild animals and put them for sale.

“Trafficking in wildlife brings these consequences.”

“Many specimens are captured from hatchlings.”

“For this they kill the parents and these juveniles are illegally traded in informal markets.”

“In this case a fox bought as a domestic dog.”

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Matthews, C. (2021, November 8). Family in Peru discover their ‘Siberian Husky pup’ is a FOX they’ve been tricked into buying after it starts killing ducks and chickens. Daily Mail. Retrieved November 9, 2021, from https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10178237/Family-Peru-discover-Siberian-Husky-pup-FOX-tricked-buying-Lima.html. 

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