“Milky Way Lighthouse”

A recent photo of the Milky Way is making headlines. And what’s so amazing about the shot is it was lit by a lighthouse.

Captured near the Guilderton Lighthouse in Western Australia, near the city of Perth, this image was shot by photographer Trevor Dobson. It’s been reported that he used a crop sensor Nikon D5100, paired with a 35 mm lens, with settings of ISO 3200, f/2 and 13 seconds; the final image has a 150-megapixel resolution and stretches 200 degrees.

Dobson titled the image “Milky Way Lighthouse.” And I’m sure he’s in good spirits knowing that his work is making its rounds.

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Cover Photo Credit: NASA Science

INTERESTING PHOTO OF THE DAY: MILKY WAY LIGHTHOUSE. Picture Correct. (2021, September 12). Retrieved September 13, 2021, from https://www.picturecorrect.com/news/photo-milky-way-lighthouse/. 


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