State Trooper Buys 9-year-old Steph Curry’s

There’s a positive news story coming out of Wilmington, Delaware, that caught my attention.

An Instagram video showcasing the bond between State Trooper Joshua Morris and 9-year-old Ra’kir Allen went viral. 6abc Action News states that Morris, who recently joined the Delaware State Police Department, was drawn to Allen’s spirit after he challenged him to a few basketball games. After Allen kept comparing Morris to Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Morris got in touch with Allen’s mom and surprised him with a pair of Steph Curry sneakers.

Joshua Morris believes that police officers should never be strangers in their communities. When asked about Allen, he stated the following:

“His charisma, his character…I just loved. That reeks through his pores. I loved it.”

“When he laces up those sneakers, he has somebody who believes in him. He has somebody who loves him. He has somebody that will be kind to him.”

This is a touching story. Hopefully, more police officers will follow suit.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Johnson, A. (2021, March 31). Delaware trooper goes viral for gifting boy new Stephen Curry sneakers. Retrieved April 13, 2021, from


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