Hundreds of Migrants Stranded Near Panama Border

In a previous post, I highlighted the thousands of Haitian and African migrants who were stranded at the Mexico border, traveling to reach the United States and Canada. Well, hundreds of migrants a currently stranded at the border of Panama.

According to Africa News, migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Africa, and India are stranded at camps in the Darién Gap between Panama and Columbia. Many traveled from Africa to South America, then through the Darién jungle to reach Panama. The country closed its borders last March due to COVID-19, halting the journey to the United States for nearly 2,000 migrants. Since reopening its borders, Panama has received over 400 migrants.

Haitian migrant Kerline Mervilier stated the following:

“I hope to get to a destination where I can find work.”

“My country is a tragedy and forces us to look for a new life. We had to climb mountains. They assaulted me and stole $160 while I walked.”

Paul Saenz, an electrician from Haiti, tracked through the jungle and entered Panama with the hope of reaching the U.S. to help his family back in Haiti.

“I hope it goes well for us.”

“This president (Joe Biden) is better than the other who was a little harder.”

Border police officers are expecting another wave of 800 migrants. Jorge Bernal, the executive of the First Oriental Brigade of Panama National Border Service (SENAFRONT), advised the following:

“We have information that approximately 800 migrants are moving towards our areas of responsibility. We have been preparing to receive this migratory wave in the different MR, the migratory reception stations.”

The corruption happening throughout the globe that causes so many to flee in search of a better life is infuriating. I’m a firm believer that the world will eventually correct itself, but in the meantime, we all have to do our due diligence to keep each other afloat…because this system wasn’t designed to.

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Photo Credit: Border Report

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