Gastonia Protestors Will Pay a Fine?

Members of the Black Talk Radio Network were outside of the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office today in Gastonia, NC, protesting against a proposal to tax those who protest on Gaston County property.

WCNT News confirmed that the Gaston Board of Commissioners voted on an ordinance to tax protestors a fee of $250 for groups larger than 25 and $750 for groups larger than 500 who protest on county property. However, groups of any size would still have to apply for a permit 30 days before any demonstrations.

The ordinance failed to pass due to a “no” vote from Commissioner Tom Keigher, the Chairman of the Board. When asked why he voted against it, Commissioner Keigher stated the following:

“I believe what was in the resolution, which was it wasn’t thought through, in my opinion, that’s the reason I voted against it.”

“So let’s say PTA meetings Monday and Friday after school, they want to have a little protest outside. You can’t wait 30 days to do that. So this right now the county manager, the county attorney, they’re going through this page by page and they’re going to rectify some of these things before it comes back to us.”

Members of the Black Talk Radio Network advised that this proposal goes against their constitutional rights, and they will continue to fight against it. With their platform, which is managed by the non-profit organization Black Talk Media Project, BTRN provides a voice for underrepresented African communities.

To listen to their content, check out their official website. You can also stay connected with them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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Withrow, E. (2021, January 29). Pay to protest? Gaston County considers fee, permit for demonstrations. Retrieved February 09, 2021, from

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