Omar Tyree Presents…Hot Lava Entertainment!

New York Times best-selling author Omar Tyree, who’s most known for his classic novel Flyy Girl, is transitioning from the publishing world to a career in film and music.

How so, you might ask? With Hot Lava Entertainment.

Hot Lava Entertainment, LLC. will take Tyree’s popular books, original screenplays, and music and produce cultural films and audio soundtracks that highlight the stories of young, urban America. Since there continues to be a lack of representation for actors, directors, writers, producers, and studio heads of color in Hollywood, Tyree is using his platform to provide opportunities for talented young people to build up their careers in the industry. With his 25-year experience and success as an author, journalist, poet, and lecturer, Tyree will use his skills to create quality content that showcases the underserved stories and lives of urban youth.

Omar Tyree is currently working on his highly-anticipated independent film, Money Talks Louder. It follows an African American college student who finds herself in need of tuition money for her senior year in school. Afraid of prolonging her education due to the lack of funds, she decides to contact her former classmate to make some fast money out on the streets.

The film is currently in production, with a scheduled theatrical/Pay-Per-View release for April or May of 2021. Tyree is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the film. The goal is $150,000 for immediate film production and $100,000 for national marketing, which will include an “Omar Tyree Movie Night” on Pay-Per-View cable television upon release. Funds will go to film equipment, camera/crew/actor/location/attorney fees, travel expenses, insurances, music rights, editing, and more.

For more information on Hot Lava Entertainment, check out their official website. If you’d like to make a pledge to Money Talks Louder, click here.

You can stay connected with Omar Tyree on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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