President Biden’s First Executive Orders

The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, was inaugurated yesterday, January 20, 2021. He advised, on numerous occasions, that he planned on reversing Donald Trump’s executive orders and policies on his first day. And that’s just what he did.

Here are list of the Biden’s executive actions:

  • Create the COVID-19 response coordinator position
  • Revoke the permit for Keystone XL pipeline
  • End the 1776 Commission and launch the initiative for racial equality
  • Revoke order that excludes undocumented immigrants from the United States census
  • Face mask/social distancing mandates on all federal property and for federal workers
  • Reverse travel bans on Muslim countries
  • Combat discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Require ethics pledge for executive-branch personnel
  • End extreme immigration enforcement
  • Revoke executive orders concerning federal regulation
  • Defense Production Act
  • Expand COVID-19 Pandemic Testing Board
  • Bolster access to COVID-19 treatments
  • Improve collection/analysis for COVID-19
  • Safely reopen schools
  • OSHA guidance for workers
  • Airport face mask mandates as well as other modes of transportation
  • COVID-19 Health Equity Taskforce

For more information on each, check out The White House.

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Photo Credit: ABC Chicago

Reklaitis, V. (2021, January 21). All of President Biden’s key executive orders – in one chart. Retrieved January 21, 2021, from


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