COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t Stop the Spread – Dr. Fauci

I’m going to continue to preface my coronavirus findings by stating that I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just a blogger with questions.

The following information comes from Natural News and the Daily Mail.

Physician/Immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci is arguing that early doses of the coronavirus vaccines will only prevent symptoms from arising, not stop the spread of the virus. The end goal will be to eradicate the virus, but the first rounds of the vaccines may only be 50-60% effective.

He advised the following:

“The primary thing you want to do is that if people get infected, prevent them from getting sick, and if you prevent them from getting sick, you will ultimately prevent them from getting seriously ill.”

“If the vaccine also allows you to prevent initial infection, that would be great. [But] what I would settle for, and all of my colleagues would settle for, is the primary endpoint to prevent clinically recognizable disease.”

Dr. Fauci also warned that there won’t likely be enough doses until March 2021.

In regards to the anti-vaccine sentiment rising here in the West, he stated the following:

“One of the things I’m concerned about in the United States is that part of the anti-science translates maybe into anti-vaccine.”

“It would really be a shame if we have a safe and effective vaccine, but a substantial proportion of the people do not want to take the vaccine because they don’t trust authority.”

“That would really be unfortunate if that’s the case.”

Dr. Fauci, sir, if the World Health Organization (WHO) is indifferent about the vaccines, with chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan supporting your stance on their ineffectiveness, are you really surprised that the anti-vaccine culture is spreading?

As of right now, I’m not seeing the difference between the COVID-19 vaccines and the annual flu shot. But that’s just me.

To check out the full articles, click here and here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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Photo Credit: NBC 5


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