Final Round

I just finished watching the final round of the 2020 Presidential Debate, and I must say that it was a lot better than the first. This was an actual debate and not a roast session. However, between group chats and political banter with family members, I was unable to get every point made. But I do believe I got most of the basics.

Here are my notes:

  1. Some of the topics for tonight’s debate were the Coronavirus, National Security, China’s punishment for COVID-19, the Economy, Immigration, Race Relations, and Climate Change.
    1. The Coronavirus
      • President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus involved closing up the borders for protection. He advised that vaccines are coming soon and that the country needs to reopen. There’s a 99.9% recovery rate for most who contract it, and keeping the country closed is not necessary or good for the economy.
      • Joe Biden argued that there have been 1,000 deaths a day, and he expects 200,000 in the next year. He plans on extending mask-wearing as well as requiring testing for Americans. He does not want to reopen up the country until better strategies are presented, and he stated that we are headed towards a “Dark Winter.”
    2. National Security
      • Joe Biden believes that Russia, China, and Iran need to pay a price for trying to interfere with this election. He advised that President Trump has a secret bank account in China and that he still hasn’t released his tax returns.
      • President Trump advised that Biden received 3 and 1/2 million from Russia. He stated that he will release his tax returns and that he prepaid millions in taxes, and he doesn’t make money from China, Ukraine, and Russia…but Biden does. The account Biden is referring to comes from his company, which opened in 2013, but has since closed.
    3. China’s Payment for COVID-19
      • Biden advised that China should pay for releasing the coronavirus, but we can’t destroy China as an ally. “Play by the rules.”
      • President Trump advised that Biden’s family is making millions from China.
      • Biden denied and deflected from the question.
    4. The Economy
      • President Trump wants to overturn universal healthcare. He terminated the individual mandate forcing individuals to pay to have coverage, and he has created a plan to protect those with pre-existing conditions.
      • Biden wants to keep universal healthcare, and he said that there’s no way to protect pre-existing conditions.
      • Biden is also a proponent of raising the minimum wage and changing Trump’s immigration policy.
    5. Race Relations
      • Biden discussed “the talk” that many Black and Brown Americans have with their children about racism in the country.
      • Trump calls out Biden for the 1994 Crime Bill and advised that he has done more for the African American community than any other President, aside from Abraham Lincoln. He’s implemented Criminal Justice and Prison Reform, Opportunity Zones, and 10-year funding for HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).
      • Biden advised that Trump said, back in 2000, that there are not enough people in jail.
      • Trump responded by stating that he is “the least racist person in the room.”
      • Biden advised that the Drug Bill passed in the 80s was a mistake, and drug users should not have gone to jail but to a rehab center.

By this point, I was having my own debate via text message, so I missed the remaining arguments. But as an observer, President Trump received major points from me on the race topic. He lit Biden up with facts, and no one can argue against that.

As for the coronavirus, roughly half of the American population doesn’t plan on getting the vaccine, so keeping the country closed needs to be reassessed.

Yes, I agree with Biden on raising the minimum wage, but universal healthcare would require higher taxes. And since Biden seems to be pro-amnesty in regards to immigration, does this mean that we would be paying for the healthcare of illegal immigrants?

For those who haven’t voted yet or aren’t registered to vote, you still have time. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. And this is an important election that every citizen needs to participate in.

If you were able to watch the debate and you see any flaws in my points, or if you can fill in the blanks, feel free to comment below.

Until Next Time…


Tyson, A., Funk, C., & Johnson, C. (2020, September 17). U.S. Public Now Divided Over Whether To Get COVID-19 Vaccine. Retrieved October 23, 2020, from


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