North Carolina’s Presidential Polls Are Heating Up

Being a North Carolinian, by way of the Queen City (Charlotte), I wondered about our behavior in this year’s election. Well, upon doing some research, I’ve found out that North Carolina is about that action. The election polls are heating up, and the numbers here in the state show that this race is going to be good.

According to ABC News, Joe Biden has 49% support among likely voters, and President Donald Trump has 48%. Biden did have a 12-point lead in last week’s poll, but since evangelical white Protestants account for 31% of likely voters, that number has shifted.

Early voting is common in North Carolina, with 66% of voters saying they’ll vote early. However, due to the coronavirus, less than 28% of voters plan to vote on Election Day (Tuesday, November 3, 2020). Amongst early voters, Biden leads by 60-37%. As for Election Day, Trump leads with 72-24%.

When it comes to the economy, 54% of voters approve of how President Trump is handling the economy, and 52% prefer him over Biden. However, Trump’s job approval rating is 47-50%.

Politics North Carolina advised that the most important factor at this point is turnout. And since the race within the state, so far, is neck-and-neck, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about participation.

To see a complete breakdown of the numbers, click here. If you have any updates in your area, feel free to comment below.

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