Quick Question For My Community

Many of you already know about the shooting that took place in Atlanta, GA, over the 4th of July weekend. And I want to pose a quick question to my community regarding our supposed-Code of Conduct.

Will combating intraracial violence ever become a serious movement, or are we going to continue to deflect?


Rest In Peace, Secoriea Turner

Until Next Time…


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  1. CalebRaves says:

    Great question I would say that there is a serious movement especially now with more technology in combating racism. Unfortunately with that movement another one gets stronger in continuing with racism and senseless murders. This is a sad story as authorities still not caught the serial killer I believe. Unfortunately there are people with hate in their hearts and with the lack of repercussions the murdering of minorities continue to happen abundantly

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    1. There needs to be something. Because us murdering our own over foolishness is inexcusable.

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      1. CalebRaves says:

        Agreed No matter the circumstance

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