Words From The Wise: Joshua Maponga

“Believing is worth nothing. Believing is just a bucket of dogma; it does not change the price of bread. Show me what you do with your beliefs, then I’ll tell you if it is practical or not. Believing in the trinity does not add to your days, does not put bread on your neighbor’s table, does not stop the violence against women.”

– Joshua Maponga


Joshua Maponga is a motivational speaker, philosopher, community leader, musician, and social entrepreneur. He received a degree in Philosophy (BA Theology) and Personal Ministries from Andrews University. Some of the countries he’s ministered include South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, and Lesotho. Mr. Maponga has also worked in community development, serving in various organizations like the Vision Design House, Global Management Centre (UK), and EDSA (Entrepreneurial Development Southern Africa).

I want to share a Livestream of Joshua Maponga discussing the Decolonization of Christianity. You can stay connected with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And if you’d like to discuss any of the following content, feel free to comment below.

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Gitonga, Ruth. Joshua Maponga Family, Education, Books, Quotes, Sermons, Videos, Leaves SDA Church Read More: Https://Briefly.co.za/50805-Joshua-Maponga-Family-Education-Books-Quotes-Sermons-Videos-Leaves-Sda-Church.html. briefly.co.za/50805-joshua-maponga-family-education-books-quotes-sermons-videos-leaves-sda-church.html.


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  1. anaelrich says:

    I just watched the video.Thank you for introducing him to me. Those were indeed some words from the wise…!

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    1. No problem. I just found out about him not too long ago, he’s very knowledgeable.

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  2. SivukileT says:

    south africa needs such realistic and honest and inspirational people

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  3. Lastman says:

    Maponga J.A truth bearing man.Yu hate truth,yu hate him.Society of such an individual we need.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. His philosophy is thought provoking. Not to mention his carved, strong beauty. What a man!


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