Man Saves Toddler From Pit Bull

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There was a time in my adolescence when I desired having a pet dog. But after receiving a full breakdown of the responsibilities that followed, I quickly submitted to weekly goldfish. And a recent news article further supports why that will never change.

The following information comes from Fox 2 Detroit.

47-year-old Johnell Harris is currently recovering after rescuing a 1-year-old toddler from a pit bull attack. Detroit police say that the child was playing in his front yard when the next-door neighbor’s dog ran from the backyard and attacked him by biting him on the neck. Harris came to the rescue by grabbing the boy and punching the dog, but the dog mauled him on his arm and attacked the child a second time. The owner eventually came and pulled the dog away, and it’s still unclear how he got loose.

Junighter Hayes, the mother of the son who owns the dog, advised the following:

“This was not intentional – the first thing I told the officer when I walked up was how was the baby and the person who was bitten how are they.”

Hayes’ son was taken into custody, and doctors are caring for the child and Mr. Harris. Both victims are expected to be ok.

Aside from basic responsibilities, incidents like this are another reason why four-legged animals will not be in my house. Any fines, lawsuits, or medical bills that the owner of this pit bull is responsible for is well-deserved, and I have zero empathy for him. How the dog got loose and why he attacked a toddler is irrelevant, all I see is the incompetence of him and his family.

To check out the full article, click here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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