Words From The Wise: Professor Arthur Mutambara

“Sovereignty is the big issue. People emphasize national sovereignty. ‘My country, my Nigeria, my Malawi, my little Zimbabwe.’ We must think about the continent.”

– Professor Arthur Mutambara


Thanks to the 2nacheki YouTube channel, I was introduced to a scholar whose message I had to share with you all. Professor Arthur Mutambara.

Professor Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara is a robotics scientist, politician, former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, and Managing Director and CEO of the Africa Technology & Business Institute. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Zimbabwe and Ph.D. in Robotics and Mechatronics from Merton College, Oxford. Professor Mutambara was also a lecturer and consultant on Business Strategies for McKinsey & Company.

Since Professor Mutambara has been an open political critic, I want to share a few videos where he discusses the future of Africa. If you’d like to address any of the following content, feel free to comment below.

Until Next Time…






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