Charlotte Family, Here’s How You Can Help Those in Need During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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I was just thinking of ways to help those affected by the coronavirus when I discovered several organizations in my backyard (Charlotte, NC) who are putting things together. The following information comes from WBTV and The Charlotte Observer.

Large and small organizations within the Charlotte community are coming together to provide relief to those in need during this pandemic. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are opening 70 sites across the county to provide breakfast and lunch to students who rely on school for meals. The COVID-19 Response Fund will be partnering with Mecklenburg County, the city of Charlotte, corporations, and religious organizations to help. And organizations that need volunteers are told to send an email to

Since social distancing is enforced, sending in donations looks to be the preferred method of choice. Below is a list of organizations that you can donate to:


Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina

  • There greatest need is money to buy healthy, shelf-stable items for food boxes. These boxes will help families whose children are missing school meals, senior citizens who have to stay home, and quarantined workers impacted by reduced work hours.
  • You can send your donation to


CMS Foundation

  • This foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund will support families, students, and extend academic instruction during the closure.
  • You can send your donation to


Feed NC

  • Formerly known as the Mooresville Soup Kitchen, Feed NC delivers meals to people who are home-bound. Individuals, families, and offices are asked to donate toiletries for Blessing Bags.
  • You can send your donation to


Bags of Hope

  • This Lake Norman location delivers food to drop-offs like churches, for the families they serve.
  • You can send your donation to


Community Café

  • This café needs monetary and food donations because its food truck plans to be on the road more days due to the coronavirus.
  • You can send your donation to


Noble Food & Pursuits Meal Effort

  • The group intends on giving quality, well-balanced meals to families in need and requires $7 per meal to do so. They’re currently serving 600 meals a day but hopes to increase to 2,000 meals a day.
  • You can send your donation to


Charlotte Museum of History

  • The museum is closed to the public, but staff will be working with local schools to offer digital learning tools for students studying remotely.
  • You can send your donation to


Volunteers Making CDC-Compliant Masks

  • Huntersville’s Kristen Nardone is forming a group to make CDC-compliant face masks to be given to local hospitals and other treatment centers. Her hope is for local craft and sew shops to sell or donate materials to the group.
  • You can send your donation to


Loaves & Fishes


Learning Help Centers of Charlotte

  • Individuals, families, and corporations are needed to donate food to the families the organization serves in the South Boulevard area.
  • You can send your donation to


Classroom Central

  • Classroom central is in urgent need of school supplies.
  • You can send your donation to


Charlotte Rescue Men

  • The mission serves 269 men, women, and children who live under one roof. Mission leaders are encouraging volunteers to sponsor meals.
  • You can send your donation to How to Help during COVID-19.


Ada Jenkins Center


You can check out the full articles by clicking here and here. If you’re in the Charlotte area and have any updates, feel free to comment below.

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