We Charge Colonialism’s Fight for Freedom

Colonialism: a system of political government or extension of territory, by which one nation exerts political control over another nation, territory, or people, maintaining the colony in a state of dependence, its inhabitants not having the same full rights as those of the colonial power. The controlling power is typically extended thus by military force or the threat of force.


In a previous post, I gave an online salute to independent media personality Tierney Sheree (Afrikan Esq.) whose done a great job providing commentary on social, economic, and political issues of African people. Well, Sheree is also a part of an organization that is making serious strides for African Americans. We Charge Colonialism.

We Charge Colonialism (WCC) is an organization of people of African descent who are fighting for the rights of self-determination for African American communities. It’s no secret that Black communities in the United States are disenfranchised, and WCC is working to fix the problem. They are going to the United Nations to demand an end to the colonial relationship and are fighting for the right to self-govern. WCC will be filing a petition that the United States is guilty of colonizing people of African descent.

To make a serious claim, they will need to garner enough signatures from the community. So you can sign the petition at Change.org. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with We Charge Colonialism, check out their official website as well as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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  1. All of the current Black Nationalist organizations should form coalitions. I currently belong to the New Afrikan Independent Party.

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    1. I agree to an extent. Some organization’s political ideology isn’t aligned with a collective uplift, which we need.


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