“Save Your Mind” Feat. Billy Carson

“Our mission isn’t to die so that we can live, our mission is to bring Heaven to earth.”

– Billy Carson

Greetings All,

Over the weekend, the Kemetic Science Institute hosted another amazing event. This time their guest speaker was Billy Carson. After coming across a few videos online, I figured I’d check out his message in person. That turned out to be the best decision I made all week.

Billy Carson is the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc. and the Best Selling Author of The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets. He earned a Certificate of Science, with an emphasis in Neuroscience, at M.I.T., and he is the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL: it’s involved in the research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices. Carson is also the founder of Pantheon Elite Records.

I want to share some points that I took from his lecture, entitled “Save Your Mind.” If they seem random, I encourage you to do further research on anything you may question.

  • Dinosaurs did walk the earth with men, and they were wiped out due to a nuclear explosion. Research Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat.
  • Metaphysics: we’ve been taught to separate science.
    • Either you’re a scientist or you’re religious.
  • The Neteru means divine names and principles, as gods/goddesses are the many faces and aspects of the Supreme Being that created the Universe and all that is.
    • Women are oppressed all over the world because in some ancient times women were the Kings.
    • Removing feminine energy destroys the planet.
  • The founders of Khem, now named Egypt, spoke of Zep Tepi.
  • Moses didn’t cross the Red Sea, he crossed the sea of Reeds.
  • The creator of this universe is not in any bible or book. If you read the Bible thoroughly, it speaks of the murder and carnage of people throughout the planet.
  • Every one of us is already eternal. When you’re talking to someone, you’re talking to yourself, that’s why you should treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • We are all one; we live a fake reality.
    • All 7.5 billion people on this planet are not really here.
  • One of the Seven Kemetic Principles, the Principle of Mentalism, means that all is mind; the universe is mental.
    • Everything starts with a thought. Every thought starts with electromagnetic light waves.
    • We are living in a light matrix, God energy allows us to do this.
    • Hell is a state of mind.
  • We use 100% of our brain, not 15%.
    • Your mind records everything non-stop. The DNA in your body is a giant USB drive that can store information.
  • The brain doesn’t create consciousness, it downloads consciousness.
    • A human being exists as both a solid matter and a wave of light.
    • We’re taught to memorize things, not how we got the answers. For example, memorizing time tables but not how/why we got to the equation.
  • The electromagnetic spectrum describes all the wavelengths of light.
  • Visible Light: we see a tiny bit of what is really happening around us.
  • Every single thought is going out in space, so be mindful of what you put out in the universe.
  • Inside your brain, you have magnetite crystals.
    • A lot of electricity is in the brain. The human brain burns a lot of calories, especially if you think a lot.
    • The Neural Correlates of Consciousness is the part of your brain that generates self-awareness.
  • You’re born again through consciousness elevation. Taking yourself from one level of consciousness to another means that you’ve been born again.
    • You can’t reclaim your thoughts. A moment of anger leads to 40 days of sorry.
  • The human body is a biological avatar that is controlled by frequency and vibration. Your light is animated and operates your biological machine aka avatar.
  • You can control things with your mind and move objects with your mind. Telekinesis is real.
  • The human body can store about 13.5 billion years of information.
    • The information of our ancestors is in our body; PTSD, sickness, and illness can be passed down through the trauma of our ancestors.
    • Epic Genetic memories are stored in our DNA up to 20 generations.
  • Human DNA can be reprogrammed.
    • We have to heal inside in order to reprogram ourselves.
    • Positive affirmations for 20 days can reprogram your DNA.
  • The universe operates in high frequency. Low-frequency thoughts include hoping and wishing. High-frequency thoughts include ownership and speaking it into existence with confidence.
    • Meet power with power.
    • High-Frequency Mindset: unconditional love, service to others, and diet.
  • Ways to apply this to your life:
    • Discover what it is that you want to manifest and be very specific about it.
    • Understand the power of thought and frequency. Speak what you want into your mind and to the universe as if it’s already yours.
    • When you’re trying to bring things into your reality, you’re trying to cast a spell.

For additional information on Billy Carson, please check out his official website. You can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Until Next Time…


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