The Futurists: Scientists Predict The 21st Century

We windup with a world which has the following features: fertility control, 100-year lifespan, controlled thermal nuclear power, continued automation, genetic control, man-machine symbiosis, household robots, wideband communications, opinion control, and continued organization.


Greetings All,

I was YouTube browsing when I came across a documentary that proves conspiracy theories can’t be subjective, at least not in the sciences. This 1967 film, entitled “The Twenty-First Century” Futurists, discusses the physical, social, and economic contributions to world civilizations. Scientists were predicting what the new millennium would bring back then, and it was a little too accurate to be a coincidence.

The war against nature and social programming is very real, so I wasn’t surprised by any of the films’ content. If you’d like to discuss the points made, feel free to comment below.

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