Sterilized Mosquitos to Fight Malaria

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I’m indifferent about some news I just read and had to share it with you all. The following comes from Africa News.

A team of researchers are developing sterilized mosquitos in Burkina Faso to help prevent the spread of malaria; five thousand insects will be released in July. Once the female mosquitos mate with the sterilized mosquitos, they will no longer produce offspring and the total population will decrease. With malaria being a public health concern in Burkina Faso, 12 million cases (4,000 deaths) being recorded—60% being children, ages 0 to 5—many believe that this will be a viable solution.

Professor Abdoulaye Diabate of Target Malaria and IRSS advised the following:

“The ultimate goal for Target Malaria is to develop a genetic fighting tool which is durable in the long term and affordable – that is cost efficient. So with this specific product, the goal is to release it in the field in the long term and to see the gene of specific interest spread across different mosquito populations and to reduce the density of these mosquitoes one way or another.”

This project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has garnered pushback from Burkinable activists. Ali Tapsoba of ‘Terre De Vie’ environmental group stated the following:

“The future is very uncertain with these mosquitoes, the future is even catastrophic, the future is dark. Imagine these modified mosquitoes that are going to be unleashed on nature, (they) may be able to release pathogens, to release viruses which under normal circumstances they would not be able to harbor. It is an entire population that will be decimated, a whole eco-system that will be decimated and it can even go beyond the borders of Burkina (Faso).” 

Anything with Bill Gates’ name on it raises red flags, especially after his comments on Africa’s population growth and vaccinations. These sterilized mosquitos may have short-term benefits, but going against nature always comes with a price. You can check out the full article by clicking here. If you have any additional information, feel free to comment below.

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