Natural Selection and the Race Problem

“The superiority of the American negro to his African brother, who is a savage and a cannibal, is due to slavery, and could have been acquired in no other way. Men who ascribe debased characteristics of the negro to slavery show a short-sightedness that is pitiable. The present attainment of the American negro has been solely the result of his close personal contact with the white man.”

I was YouTube browsing when I came across a vlogger discussing a very interesting book entitled Natural Selection and the Race Problem. Published May of 1905 and written by Benjamin. K. Hays, M.D., Oxford, N.C., this reprint is from the Charlotte Medical Journal. What was interesting about the book was the bigoted theories I know still permeate the minds of many today. And the fact that I didn’t find anything surprising about its content was even more entertaining.

To read the book for yourself, click here. If you’d like to discuss, feel free to comment below.

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