Words From The Wise: Sister Souljah

“To be a real man or woman, you’ve got to know what you believe in. You’ve got to understand that your actions have consequences and that they are connected to everything that you are.”

– Sister Souljah


There are only a few entertainers who’ve recently crossed over to social/political activism that has gotten my attention. One of the main reasons why is because many of them seem disingenuous as if discussing societal ills is nothing more than a cultural trend. But at one point in time, political messages were heavily intermixed in with Black American culture. One of the pioneers of that was Sister Souljah.

Sister Souljah is a Hip Hop recording artist, best selling author, activist, and film producer from Bronx, New York. She received a degree in American History and African Studies from Rutgers University, attended the Cornell University Advanced Placement Study Program, and studied abroad in Europe at the University of Salamanca. Sister Souljah created the African Youth Survival Camp and organized against racially motivated crimes, police brutality, and the miseducation of urban youth. She’s also the author of 5 national best selling books, the most popular being The Coldest Winter Ever.

I want to share a few videos from Sister Souljah that I found interesting. If you’d like to discuss any of the content, feel free to comment below.

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  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Thanks, I will definitely check out her novels. -Rebecca


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