Pristine Dentistry

Are you in Charlotte, NC, and looking for a dentist? Well, I recommend visiting Pristine Dentistry.


Pristine Dentistry is a family practice that offers high-quality dental care. Located at the office of Dr. Frajovon Talley DDS, PLLC, their goal is to deliver the best treatment to ensure a lifetime of oral health. They provide patients with early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of any oral health issues. Some of their services include Digital X-rays, Intraoral Camera, Oral Cancer Screening, Teeth Whitening, Take Home Trays, and Clear Aligners.

As a client, I can assure you that Pristine Dentistry will take great care of you. They’re opened Monday – Friday, and they have convenient office hours so that patients can set appointments. For any inquiries, check out their official website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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