DR Congo Election Shut Down

Greetings Everyone,

I came across some troubling news earlier, and I had to share this information with you all. The following comes out of Aljazeera.com.

The presidential race between Felix Tshiskedi and Marin Fayulu has reached a halt due to allegations of corruption. According to reports, the race in the Democratic Republic of Congo has resulted in an internet shutdown due to reports of voter’s suppression. The internet has been down since Monday in provinces such as Kinshasa, Goma, and Lubumbashi, and the decision was made in an effort to stop any fake results from circulating. There have also been reports that 1.26 million voters have been excluded due to an Ebola outbreak and voter intimidation from the military.

The Congo’s SYMOCEL advised that 24 percent of the polling stations closed without allowing those already in line at closing time to cast their ballots, 27 percent of the polling stations opened late, and 18 percent had problems with malfunctioning electronic voting machines. Seventeen percent of the polling stations allowed voting by people who either did not have voting cards or whose names were not on the voter roll. 15 percent did not publicly display vote tallies. The results of the election are scheduled to be revealed on January 6, 2018.

For the full story, click here and here. If you have any additional information, please comment below.

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