Pacific Ocean Cleanup Gone Wrong

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I came across some more interesting news earlier, and I have to share my findings with you all. This comes out of USA Today.

According to sources, the Ocean Cleanup device that’s used to clean up trash in the Great Pacific has to be restored after a 60-foot chunk broke off. The system is being towed to Oahu, Hawaii where engineers will find out what’s wrong. The Ocean Cleanup involves a 2,000-foot floating series connecting 4-foot in diameter pipes that make up a boom that forms a giant horseshoe of the surface of the ocean. It was discovered on December 29 during a routine inspection, where one of the pipes used to make the boom had floated away.

The 60-foot piece of pipe that broke off didn’t get lost because it has GPS sensors. It’s believed that the constant motion of the sea and the slight bending of the pipe likely caused the break. The System also had problems retaining the plastic it corralled, with some of it floating out again.

You can check out the full article, written by Elizabeth Weise, by clicking here. If you have any additional information on this incident, feel free to comment below.

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