A Sanitation Problem

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Living here in the United States tends to blind me to the conditions of the globe, at times, specifically when it comes to appreciating basic essentials that are taken for granted. We are spoiled beyond belief, and I feel guilty for having access to things that many could only dream about. The following information comes out of Africa News.

The Charity WaterAid on the State of the World’s Toilet 2018 advised that Ethiopia has the lowest access to decent toilets. As of November 19, 2018, over 45 million children under the age of 17 were without a decent household toilet; which is 93% of the population. Their report stated the following:

“Access to water and sanitation are among the major challenges ahead. 60% of Ethiopia’s schools don’t have toilets and more than nine in ten people lack this human right at home.”

Along with Ethiopia, Chad, Madagascar, South Sudan, and Eritrea complete the top five slots in terms of lacking access to sanitation at home. Only 29% of children complete primary school, mainly due to high rates of illness, poor facilities, and the inability to attract teachers. And 6 in 10 schools don’t have access to sanitation, with 5,300 children dying each year.

Aside from government intervention, I’m unsure of how citizens can help (besides spreading the word). You can check out the full article by clicking here. If you have any additional information, please comment below.

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