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It’s no secret that the advancement of technology is moving at a rapid pace, whether we are ready for it or not. Throughout this blog, I’ve highlighted (and will continue to highlight) machines/gadgets that will affect us everyday civilians. But what’s currently being built in the military has intrigued me the most, not just here in the United States but around the globe. So allow me to introduce China’s ZKZM-500.

The ZKZM-500 is the Chinese government’s new Laser AK-47. This 15mm caliber weapon weighs three kilos (6.6 lbs) and has a range of 800 meters (half a mile); it can be mounted on cars, boats, and planes, and the first units will likely be given to anti-terrorism squads in the Chinese Armed Police and Military. It’s classified as a non-lethal weapon because of its low power, and it produces an energy beam that can’t be seen by the naked eye but can pass through windows and cause instant carbonization and burning of the human skin and tissues. Scientists have advised that the ZKZM-500 produces no sound so no one will know where an attack comes from, and this device can “burn through clothes in a split second, and if the fabric is flammable, the whole person will be set on fire.”

I’ll continue to research this weapon as well as keep you posted with any updates. But if you have any additional information, please feel free to comment below.

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Griffin, M. (2018, July 7). China unveils their revolutionary ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle. Retrieved October 7, 2018, from https://www.fanaticalfuturist.com/2018/07/china-unveils-their-revolutionary-zkzm-500-laser-assault-rifle/




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