Auto Detailing

Greetings All,

As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, I’m making a concerted effort to shoutout local businesses. Viable communities are built and sustained off of the support from the people, and it’s only right that I not only show my support but encourage others to the same. So allow me to spotlight Jayrell’s Auto Detailing company.

Jayrell has a mobile Auto Detailing business that offers pressure washing, interior house painting, as well as hauling & moving. He’s based in Charlotte, NC, and his affordable prices vary depending on the service. If you’re here in the Queen City and need your vehicle detailed, give Jayrell a call at 704-780-2213. You can also contact him on Facebook and Instagram.

As a customer, I can assure you that he’ll do an amazing job on your car. Be sure to spread the word to those who may be in the area.

Until Next Time…


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