Domino Effect Productions

Greetings Good People,

Independent media has been on the rise for the past decade now, and I’m extremely excited about this movement. Not only are creators given an opportunity to showcase their talent, but a new-age media hub is being anchored at the same time. Which is beneficial to someone like myself because the mainstream channels’ biased propaganda has become unbearably frustrating, and I no longer have the patience to support it. But I would like to start spotlighting production companies who create substance-based content.

So, allow me to introduce the first, Domino Effect Productions.

Domino Effect

Domino Effect Productions, LLC is an award-winning video production company based in Orlando, FL. They develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres including commercials, reality shows, music videos, promotional videos, training videos, events, and more. They also work with small and mid-size businesses, ad agencies, record labels, and etc. to help expand their messages. And their amazing staff handles all of the shooting, editing, motion graphics, talent casting, and sound design in-house.

The owners, Marcus and Murepha Smalls, are top-notch professionals who work diligently with their clients to produce the best product possible. For more information on their service or rate inquiries, check out their official website as well as Facebook page.

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